As an avid turkey hunter I had always dreamed of completing a World Slam of turkeys. When the time had finally come pursue my dream, I began to research the subspecies I wanted to pursue and the outfitters who offered the hunt.

There are many outfitters out there, many offer excellent hunts, but as a working man, with limited time and money, I was nervous about sending my hard earned money off to someone I had never met. Many of the outfitters offered a list of references, but to be honest, these were also people I did not know and I was still apprehensive about spending my money, and as importantly, my limited vacation days on a hunt in a place I knew little about, with people I knew nothing about.

I had seen advertisements for a well known and respected company in the hunting industry who also had a “Hunting Travel Agency” on their company website. Travel Agency” on their company website.

When I looked into the website there were many hunts, all over the globe. Any Big Game I could think of was there, from Musk Ox in the Arctic Circle to Bongo in the jungles of Africa…yet, turkeys, one of our greatest game animals, and my own personal passion, had very few listing, and the ones they did list, almost seemed like an after thought.

Anxious to get more info, I clicked on the links to turkey hunts they offered and discovered that hunts were listed catalog style, with code numbers for each hunt in the catalog.

I spoke to an agent, and while they were very professional, they did not have much knowledge about the hunt I wished to book, and continued to refer to it by the code number.

I was very disappointed with the offering I found for booking my hunt. Understand me, I am certainly NOT saying that the outfitters out there are untrustworthy, I am just saying I, and I feel, many other hunters, are nervous about booking with people they do not have a relationship with.


As a professional hunting guide, and also director of events for a well known private hunting club in New York, I have been blessed in that I have met and become friends with many well know, professionals in the outdoor industry. I decided to turn to them, and ask for references on where to go and who to hunt with. Since I began doing that, I have had amazing hunts, with incredible guides and outfitters all across this country. Many of these friends made personal introductions to the outfitters for me, and in turn I have also become friends with these outfitters. Now, I realize that not everyone has these relationships to turn to, but I do, and I wanted to share this with others looking to pursue their own Wild Turkey Slam dreams.

On a 2013 Osceola hunt with my good friend, and now partner, Ray Eye, we discussed my idea. We were both in agreement that this was something the turkey hunting industry needed…

  • The Best of the Best in Turkey outfitters, lodges and locations
  • References and recommendations from people who are known and trusted in the industry
  • Extremely personalized, “One on One” service with incredible attention to detail

And World Slam Adventures was born!!!