Ocellated Turkey and MORE…

in the jungles of

Southern Campeche, Mexico

Our Jungle Camp Outfitter located in the Yucatan offers a true Jungle Safari experience!


Jungle Camps, with Safari Tent Style accommodations ( with Air Conditioning Included), will serve as home base for this amazing experience.

The main hunting area is the southern region of the state of Campeche, where the terrain, vegetation and climate presents a real challenge for those hunters who are looking for an excellent hunting experience in the jungle.

The hunting area borders the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, one of Mexico´s biggest wildlife reserves and that our areas cover more than 50,000 acres of pristine and unspoiled jungle.

Some of the trophies available in this hunting areas are the famous and coveted Ocellated Turkey and the Brocket Deer.

The area also has important species like the Greater Curassow, Forest Puma, Collared Peccary, Crested Guan, White-tailed Deer and others.

Our outfitter has years of experience in this region and having guided and entertained so many hunters over those years, you can be assured they will attend first hand, to all of the hunter’s needs regardless of their level of experience.

All of this thanks to the guides which are some of the best in the area as well as the owners that have over 10 years exploring this region and they know it perfectly, guaranteeing sightings in each hunt.

In addition to their vast experience, they offer some the best and most personalized service in the region…Camp Hosts are on hand assuring that the hunters feel at home, an international chef preparing world class meals, and spacious air-conditioned luxury tents are some of the services available to you in these camps.





What to bring:

  • light hiking boots
  • camo clothing
  • camo gloves
  • face mask
  • camo cap etc
  • bug repellent
  • small flash light or head lamp
  • spare batteries
  • sunscreen
  • sandals for shower
  • bug head net
  • pocket knife
  • towel and (toiletries)
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • tennis shoes
  • camera
  • video camera



 2019 Hunt Cost: $3,600.00  Non-hunting Companion: $1,300.00

Trophy Fees (May change due to quotas)

TROPHY                                   FEE                            SEASON
2nd Ocellated Turkey*         $1,200.00                         Feb – May
Brocket deer*                         $2,200.00                        Feb – May
Red brocket deer*                 $3,000.00                        Feb – May
Forest cougar**                     $2,000.00                        March – May
Collared peccary                    $400.00                           Feb – May
Great Curassow                      $700.00                           Feb – May
Crested Guan                          $600.00                           Feb – May
Coati                                        $300.00                            Feb – May
Tepezcuintle (Paca)              $500.00                             Feb – May
Jungle Fox                              $350.00                            Feb – May
Agouti                                      $250.00                            Feb – May
Chachalaca                             $150.00                             Feb – May
Tinamu                                    $100.00                            Feb – May
Great Tinamu                         $200.00                           Feb – May

Tropical Whitetail Deer        $2,500.00                       Sept-Dec

*Limited quota, Book in Advance

**NO Export to U.S. Allowed

• +Discounts available on combinations of 3 trophies or more


Each hunt includes:

  • Round transportation: Merida – Camp – Merida
  • All ground transportation inside hunting grounds
  • 5 Hunting days in the jungle
  • One Trophy Ocellated Turkey
  • Lodging in luxury facilities, each tent is carpeted, air conditioned, 4 cots, night stands, blankets and pillows
  • Ecological bathrooms, showers, dining room, fire pit
  • English Speaking host
  • Camp Manager Chef and Waiter 1 local guide per hunter, 2 hunters per vehicle
  • Every meal in camp and box lunches during hunts
  • Snacks
  • Purified water, regional refreshing drinks, soda, Gatorade and beer
  • 4 x 4 vehicles
  • Gun rental and ammunition (Full Choked 12ga & Small Caliber Center Fire Rifles)
  • Trophy Raw Preparation
  • Hunting License


Not included:

• Gratuities for hunting guides, camp staff and host
• Trophies harvested
• Personal expenses
• Taxidermy service (Dip and pack)
• Trophy shipment
• Pre and post travel arrangements (hotel & air fare)


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