Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever charge a fee for your booking services? (click to close)

NO…You will pay the same prices as if you book directly with the outfitters. The outfitters we work with pay us a commission on our sales. You will be charged nothing additional for the personalized planning and booking services you receive.

Will I lose my deposit if I cancel my hunt? (click to view)

If you make a deposit for your hunt and you have to cancel you will lose your deposit. It is out policy though, that if you cancel and we are able to book a replacement hunter at the full price, we will refund your money or roll your deposit to a future hunt, which is at our discretion and on a case by case basis. Some states have license restrictions which may prevent us from filling spots after license deadlines have past.

Do you suggest travel insurance? (click to view)

Absolutely! Quality travel insurance is the best way to protect your trip and to have complete peace of mind is to have full and comprehensive travel insurance. A good travel insurance policy will protect you from most eventualities and we will gladly assist with arranging travel insurance.

What payment methods do you accept? (click to view)

Checks are the preferred method of payment for most all of our outfitters. Some hunting trips are quite expensive, and as such, credit card companies charge high percentage rates for use of their cards for such payments. The nature of our business, is usually longer lead times than many other purchases you would make. Deposits are as far out as several years and balances (final payments) are generally 6 months in advance of the trip. This time allows plenty of time for checks to clear etc. Should you absolutely require to use a credit card, please let us know and we will do what we can to help make those arrangements. We also accept Money Orders.