For many avid turkey hunters, the Fall Season is really what it’s all about!

When the breeding season is done, the gobblers always seem to “smarten up” a bit, hens go quiet, and, in many places, the birds seem to disappear into the hills, hollers, swamps and prairies, invisible until the breeding season starts again next Spring.

And for many, this is when the “Real Hunting” begins, chasing birds on their own terms. Hen assembly calling, Kee Kee Runs, Gobbler and Jake talk, all to try and decieve the birds and get them in range of your gun or bow.

While many hunters around the country are focusing their efforts on Big Game, we still have an amazing group of World Slam outfitters who are out on the hunt, guiding for these wary fall Birds.

Whether a novice fall turkey hunter, or an old pro…we have an outfitter and hunt to fit your needs.

If you have never experienced it, you really gotta give Fall Hunting a try!!!