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Urban Sprawl

By: Jeremy Koerber, ACSM Exercise Physiologist ​Each season I tell myself “___ season” is my favorite game animal to pursue but I really do think it is hard to compare anything to the anticipation and excitement of Spring turkey season. No matter where you hunt, Spring turkey season is magical but I have been blessed to call […]

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Spring Magic in the Ozarks by Jon Sabati

The full moon lit the way as I slowly and quietly made my way along the edge of the tree line. The moonlight made it easy for me to locate a landmark which designated the spot where I needed to be before the rise of the sun. I found a nice tree to sit against […]


Episode 9: Hunting the Northeast…The HUNT GATHER TALK Podcast

    In a recent episode of Hunt Gather Talk, I joined Award Winning Author, my friend and fellow Northeastern native Hank Shaw on his popular HUNT GATHER TALK Podcast. We talk about hunting, fishing and foraging in the Northeast. Turkeys are our main topic, but we hit on ducks, ramps, fishing and how to get […]



The World Slam Story As an avid turkey hunter I had always dreamed of completing a World Slam of turkeys. When the time had finally come pursue my dream, I began to research the subspecies I wanted to pursue and the outfitters who offered the hunt. There are many outfitters out there, many offer excellent […]